Bitcoin will be worth 1 million

Bitcoin will be worth 1 million

According to that analysis, bitcoin does indeed hit 1 million. But of course the comparison is not 1-on-1, palmaerts explains.

  guangzhou, china bitcoin could rise to 1 million over the long term to become a reserve currency for the world, according to one asset manager.

Macro investor raoul pal, ceo and co-founder of real vision group thinks bitcoin will soar to 1 million in roughly five years time. He believed that with the assets restricted supply, market demand will always be in bitcoins favor.

Gox bubble in the fall of 2013, business insiders henry blodget predicted a 1 million price tag for bitcoin.

Source a screenshot, instagramkrakenfx the ceo of major crypto exchange kraken, jesse powell, predicted that the price of bitcoin (btc) could be in the millions by the end of 2022, while by the end of 2021, ethereum (eth) will rise above usd.

  lets imagine it is year 2050, where everyone has bitcoin and every stores accept bitcoin. Lets say i feel like having a coffee and i go to a coffee shop. It is 8 am and the value of a bitcoin is one million dollars and a large cup of coffee cost 10.

  this number, which you will see tossed out into the crypto narrative, comes from the idea that there are 100 million subunits of bitcoin and if each was worth the quantum unit of 1.

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Bitcoin will be worth 1 million

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Bitcoin will be worth 1 million

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