Copernicus gold singapore

Copernicus gold singapore

Copernicus gold enables anyone, anywhere, in a transparent and secure manner, to digitally acquire, save, store or use as payment, any amount of gold. Copernicus gold operates a multi-currency cloud-based platform that enables the issue of an amount of digital gold, in any measure, which is represented by gold bullion that has been purchased in advance of the issue of digital gold and stored.

Was incorporated on (monday) as a private company limited by shares in singapore. The business current operating status is live with registered address at central mall.

Copernicus gold is a stored value facility, based in singapore, that issues digital gold linked to a physical store of gold.

Copernicus gold is a stored value facility, based in singapore, that issues digital gold linked to a physical store of gold. The company operates a cloud based multi-currency platform that has.

Copernicus gold is a stored value facility, based in singapore, that issues digital gold linked to a physical store of gold. The company has created a gold standard as a currency instrument, that enables anyone, anywhere, to acquire, save or pay with digital gold.

  a new cryptocurrency backed by gold, named copernicus gold, is due to be launched in singapore at the beginning of 2017. The project was first announced by russian banker vladimir frolov in summer 2015. This new currency and its payment system based on blockchain technology could become an alternative to swift payments.

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Copernicus gold singapore

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Copernicus gold singapore

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