Corro shield m sdn bhd

Corro shield m sdn bhd

The companys line of business includes performing geophysical, geological, and other exploration services for oil and gas.

Innovative oilfield services sdn bhd, formerly known as corro-shield (m) sdn bhd, was incorporated on 15th april 1996 under the malaysia companies act 1965. We provide a range of maintenance services to the upstream oil and gas industry, specializing in corrosion preventive solutions, including general piping maintenance services.

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Corro - shield (m) sdn bhd lot 2297, jalan pujut 5, 98000 miri, sarawak.

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Ndran built the company corro-shield (m) sdn bhd from ground up to an estimated rm 30 million annual turnover. Corro-shield (m) sdn bhd was the main company behind the subsequently listed perisai petroleum teknologi berhad with a market capitalisation in excess of rm 400 million when he sold his shares in 2010 to start gryphon energy.

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Corro shield m sdn bhd

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