Csgo text color mod

Csgo text color mod

  you can find the modified language file by following this link. Txt file in your computer and place it in cprogram filessteamsteamappscommoncounter-strike global offensivecsgoresource. In order to apply the language file we must add the following launch option to our game -language bananagaming.

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Download mod, unzip, choose which version you want, then copy csgobananagaming. Paste the file inside this folder steamsteamappscommoncounter-strike global offensivecsgoresource 3. Add -language bananagaming in launch options without quotes 4.

  added some colors to different texts (dead, ct, t, radio, etc) - - fire in hole texts replaced by shorten versions - - money awards texts replaced by shorten versions how to install 1.

Add -language bananagaming in launch options without quotes.

The enhanced text color mod modifies the translation file from bananagaming to provide a cleaner look to the chat and grenade messages.

The text color mod enhances your csgo experience by giving it a colorful uplift.

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Csgo text color mod

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