Dragon age ii romance guide

Dragon age ii romance guide

  there are three general rules to keep in mind if you want to fully romance a character (besides the obvious flirty dialogue choices) - - make every.

  in dragon age ii, hawke can pursue a romance with five companions isabela, a rogue pirate captain merrill, a young dalish elf anders, an apostate mage who was formerly a grey warden fenris, an elf and former tevinter slave and sebastian, a dlc companion. All love interests, except sebastian, may be romanced by either gender.

  - to officially begin your romance with isabela, make sure to flirt with her at the start of isabelas ongoing search once act 2 begins.

Two additional companions, varric and aveline, can be flirted with but not romanced. Anders (male and female) fenris (male and female) isabela (male and female) merrill (male and female) sebastian vael (female only, requires the exiled prince dlc) dragon age the last court.

  as the main narrator in dragon age 2, he often exaggerates and over-tells the true events and history of the champion of kirkwall. Unlike the typical dwarf, varric never worked with the stone.

Fenris romance guide to get fenris, you must find him during act 1. Fenris is unsympathetic of mages and blood magic, as well as wary about what hold it may have to people who are exposed to it.

It is worth 25 points and can be received for completed a romance with one of your party members.

Anders is another grey warden, a mage who is helping people in kirkwall by healing them.

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Dragon age ii romance guide

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