Emirates non vegetarian hindu meal

Emirates non vegetarian hindu meal

Non-vegetarian hindu meal (hnml) this meal is available for passengers who follow hindu custom. Meals are non-vegetarian and prepared in indian culinary style. It can contain lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products and cereals. It does not contain veal, beef or by-products, or raw or smoked fish.

Nonvegetarian hindu meal (hnml) this meal is available for passengers who follow hindu custom. This meal is not vegetarian and prepared in indian culinary style. It may contain lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products, and cereals. It does not contain veal, beef or beef by-products, or raw or smoked fish.

  emirates takes hindu meal off menu, says other options for vegetarians for its vegetarian travellers, emirates would offer vegetarian jain meal, indian vegetarian meal, kosher meal and.

  dubai-based airline emirates to discontinue hindu meal, says other vegetarian options available - the dubai-based airline said the decision to withdraw the above-mentioned option from its in-flight menu was taken following a review of the onboard products and services.

  emirates also offers options of religious meals like vegetarian jain meal, indian vegetarian meal, kosher meals and non-beef non-vegetarian options as well, it had said.

  generally the hindu meal will contain lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, pulses, starches, milk and dairy products.

  a hindu airline meal is a non-vegetarian meal type that is suitable for hindu people.

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Emirates non vegetarian hindu meal

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