Etrade after hours

Etrade after hours

Trading during extended hours trading sessions (including the pre-market session (monday through friday 700 a. Et), and the extended hours overnight session (sunday through thursday 800 p.).

Trade spy, qqq, eem, dia, gld, uso, fxi, tlt, slv, ung, iwm, and sh.

Compare etrade after hours trading compared to other brokerage houses, etrade offers a decent package for extended-hours traders. Schwab, for example, limits its customers to just 5,000 shares in extended-hours trading. Some brokers do not have any surcharges for extended-hours trades.

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You can use market but at the risk of your order getting filled nowhere near your price. Etrade wont let you put in a market order during extended hours.

  the agreement with instinet gives etrade customers the longest after-hours trading window, from 400 p.

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Etrade after hours

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