Freedompop sprint sim

Freedompop sprint sim

The thing about sprint sims is once they are activated they are tied to the device until they are deactivated. You also have to jump through some hoops to get it an unlocked cdmagsm device on freedompop. If its say an iphone 6 from att, you have to first get it unlocked then have it added to the sprint activation database.

If you have a sprint sim, no need to order a new one, simply activate it now! Activate. Important cdma sim cards must be used with hd voice capable devices.

  turn on your wifi and go to playstore to download the freedompop messaging phone sim app, open it up, it should read your sim and sign you in.

I have an old sprint phone (lg g3) thats not passing sprints fec check.

Comactivate and enter your sim cards iccid number (found on the back of the sim in very small numbers or the back of the package your sim card came in) to confirm activation. Remember, the phone youre using with your freedompop gsm lte sim card, must be unlocked.

  the gsm part should be ok to use with another sim card once youre in europe.

I dont need any cellular voice minutes, just free unlimited wifi calling! Choose your data bundle.

This application functions like our freedompop messaging application does, however it is only for customers that do not have a freedompop, phone or sim card.

  i received a new freedompop sim in the mail today that i didnt request. Inside the envelope was a tri-fold carrier that said free upgrade to premium voice inside. It then went on to say ditch the app! We are giving all freedompop customers a free upgrade to premium voice.

  freedompop is an mvno that has offered small allocations of talk, text, and data for free with a focus on upselling and viral marketing.

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Freedompop sprint sim

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