Functions of central bank of belize

Functions of central bank of belize

Provides economic advice to the government of belize provides banking services to commercial banks, government of belize and public-sector organizations issues monetary notes and coins in belize buys, sells and otherwise deals in foreign exchange manages belizes foreign reserves.

About the central bank of belize the central bank of belize regulates belizes financial system , provides economic data and publications , provides services to the government and financial institutions, and issues belizes currency.

The office performs these core functions manages the operations of the bank in advancement of the stated objectives of fostering monetary and exchange rate stability, promotion of credit and economic growth ensures corporate governance in accordance with the relevant laws, policies and directives of the board.

The central bank of belize regulates and encourages the development of belizes financial system. The central bank of belize is responsible for ensuring the soundness of the financial institutions it regulates and the overall stability of the financial system.

The central bank of belize conducts research and publishes information on monetary and economic developments in belize as well as matters relating directly to the functions of the bank. The bank regularly publishes these economic and financial reports most recent economic and financial publications and research.

Oversees the strategic direction, management and day-to-day operations of the bank. Oversees projects and programs in support of the banks strategic objectives. Provides the bank and government leaders with timely and well organized information.

These banks are regulated by the belize central bank, have physical offices in belize and offer various services including international bankcards and demand, savings and time deposit accounts. Accounts maintained with these banks are not subject to local taxes or exchange control restrictions.

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Functions of central bank of belize

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