Garibi hatao in which five year plan

Garibi hatao in which five year plan

4th, 5th and 6th all three five year plans mentions about poverty removal as their core objective. According to lucent gk, garibi hatao slogan was given in 4th five year plan. On the other hand ramesh singh mentions that garibi hatao slogan was given in 6th five year plan.

  garibi hatao (remove poverty) was the theme and slogan of indira gandhis 1971 election campaign.

Description for correct answer garibi hatao (meaning abolish poverty in hindi) was the theme and slogan of indira gandhis 1971 election bid.

The twelfth five-year plan of the government of india has been decided to achieve a growth rate of 9 but the national development council (ndc) on 27 december 2012 approved a growth rate of 8 for the twelfth plan. With the deteriorating global situation, the deputy chairman of the planning commission montek singh ahluwalia has said that achieving an average growth rate of 9 percent in the.

  arjun singh best answer hy ashwini, greetings! Garibi hataao or remove poverty it was a slogan in 5th five years plan.

In which five-year plan was the garibi hatao slogan given? Economic planning class-11 share it on facebook twitter email.

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Garibi hatao in which five year plan

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