Gw2 80 boost

Gw2 80 boost

  dialogue if used on a character below level 80 this boost will immediately raise you to the max level. You can experiment in the silverwastes before you need to commit to expending this item. Equipped with level-80 gear get equipped with armor, weapons, skills and specializations that will increase your effectiveness and help.

The level-80 boost is a special, consumable item that auto-levels one character to the maximum level. When activated, the boost will first begin a limited trial for the current character moving them to the silverwastes, temporarily making them level 80, and equipping them with level-appropriate gear and weapons. This allows you to experiment and play with the profession at max levelor you.

  i used my boost from hot on a warrior because i like the idea of having all 9 professions at level 80 so i can use them if i want to, but in general i find warrior boring so i was unlikely to play it enough to reach level 80 naturally. The pof boost i used on a character that was already level 80, because i couldnt see any reason id want a.

  the level 80 boost gives you level 80 exotic gear of a generic build for your class. For example, as a guardian, id get a soldier build, aka power, toughness, vitality. But others would prefer power, precision, ferocity, for a power build, or power, precision, condition for part-condi build, or etc.

  does anyone actually take a character to level 80 in guild wars 2. With all of the boosts given out as daily rewards and for birthday presents, not to mention the free level-80 characters you get with the expansions, shortcuts might already seem like norm in a game with no level cap raises and zone scaling based on level.

Item type consumable rarity exotic binding soulbound on acquire game link api api double-click to consume. Contains a full set of exotic weapons, armor, and trinkets from the level-80 boost.

  this isnt true because the level 80 boost teleports you to the silverwastes, which is an end-game map where you can play and test your character without a time limit. If you decide that this character isnt your style, you can undo the boost and use it again on another characterclass.

  ive searched everywhere and cant find a solid guide for people who decide to boost to 80. If you know of a guide, just ignore this post and link me haha! Im level 30 and im a little bored with just doing hearts and i want to jump to end-game content. Im trying to make a chronological list for people who boost to 80 so theyll have a clear path of progression.

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Gw2 80 boost

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