H1z1 ps4 cost

H1z1 ps4 cost

  one-time license fee for play on accounts designated primary ps4 system and other ps4 systems when signed in with that account.

New weapon power progression, faster moving gas, more airdrops and vehicles to push the action.

H1z1 battle royale is a pure, fast-paced battle royale shooter re-imagined and built for console. Drop in to a massive map in search of weapons, ammo, vehicles and air drops to get a leg up on the competition and be the last one standing.

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  though the cost isnt too large, being available for under 5 in in-game currency or real money, the amount on offer is lacking when compared to other titles.

  soe did not announce a release date for the ps4 version of h1z1.

  h1z1 wants to be the dayz of the playstation 4, and one quick look at the official teaser trailer makes this abundantly clear. Currently in development at sony online entertainment (soe), it sounds almost as if the team wants to ripoff the success of dayz in an effort to bring the booming survival genrezombie themed simulator to the playstation 4, yet dont disregard h1z1 just yet.

  considering that was the launch of a new season, its pretty easy to see why h1z1 battle royale is losing ground against every other major battle royale. A new season usually would bring new mechanics, point of interest, weapons and limited-time modes, but its clear that h1z1 battle royale is too far gone for that level of developer attention.

Latest thread price low to high price high to low feedback low to high feedback high to low.

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H1z1 ps4 cost

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