How to convert sweatcoin to bitcoin

How to convert sweatcoin to bitcoin

Can you convert sweatcoin into bitcoin? At this time, theres no way to convert your sweatcoins into bitcoin by any official means. Because this app is fairly new, the creators are still building out the base functionality. Included in desired functionality are most likely several methods of exchange.

You download the sweatcoin app on the app store for ios or android, then the app tracks your steps using your phones accelerometer and gps location. Those steps get converted into the apps native currency sweatcoins.

How to convert sweatcoin to bitcoin? Asked by modesta steuber. Basically in these app every thousands steps is equal to one sweatcoin and one sweatcoin is equal to one dollar.

Once you know how 1 sweatcoin to bitcoin works, applied science is a no-brainer to believe that bitcoin is here to stay. If we try to translate the technology and its inexplicit principles, applied science is right to say that the price will keep rising over the years to come.

Youll still be able to earn sweatcoin by walking or running, and youll be able to convert them into the new blockchain sweatcoin in order to cash out or trade for other cryptocurrencies! The speculation above is mere speculation no announcements have been make regarding how to turn sweatcoin.

However, exchanging sweatcoin directly for on-demand paypal funds is not currently a feature with this app. Sweatcoin lacks an official exchange or financial marketplace to facilitate the interactions of buyers and sellers. Youll see other crypto-currencies such as bitcoin have plenty of these types of exchanges, but sweatcoin does not.

95 sweatcoin is exactly equal to 1,000 verified steps counted. 95 multiply by 1,000 it will give you up-to 21,052,632 verified steps (i.).

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How to convert sweatcoin to bitcoin

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