How to register for ebucks

How to register for ebucks

Join ebucks enter your id number or fnb account number for non south african id numbers, contact 087 320 3200.

An authorised fnb business banking account representative of your business can register for ebucks rewards for business. Once successfully registered, you will receive a welcome email explaining how you can qualify for ebucks for business and start earning rewards. The ebucks card for business is your passport to earning and spending ebucks at.

About ebucks how ebucks works company profile news & media winners partners faqs you have successfully registered for ebucks. You can log in using your sa id number and the 4-digit pin you just chose.

  you can now purchase your ebucks card at clicks stores nationwide, exclusively for only r19. Rules to remember you cannot order an ebucks card for another member.

Earning ebucks on your business account (s) is free, but you have to be registered. Step 2 qualify for ebucks by meeting the qualifying requirements that are specific to your business account (s).

You collect points based on how you use your bank account(s). So the more points you have collected, the higher your reward level and the more ebucks you earn.

To register for the ebucks rewards program you need to visit the ebucks website by clicking here. You will need to have your south african id number with you to start the registration. If you are a non-south african citizen you can only start your registration by contacting 087 320 3200.

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How to register for ebucks

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How to register for ebucks

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