How to show terminal in mt4

How to show terminal in mt4

  metatrader 4 has a default terminal which gathers several features. To display this terminal, you need to click on the terminal shortcut, at the top left of the mt4 forex platform the shortcut opens a window at the bottom of your mt4 trading station.

  manage open trades in the mt4 terminal- display the terminal- understand the information contained within the trade tab - close an open position from within.

  if you still dont see it, repeatedly press ctrl-t and watch the bottom portion of the application screen.

  at the very bottom of metatrader, you should see a terminal window.

  you could try exiting mt4, renaming the file (to terminal. Then load your toolbars etc to the desired settings, and exit and restart again, and see if this fixes the problem.).

  open the terminal window (either with the button shown in the image below or go to view - terminal).

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You can open or close the terminal window using the shortcut ctrlt. You can view trade history in mt4 via the terminal window, which you can open and close using the shortcut ctrlt.

The terminal panel located at the bottom of the mt4 platform allows you to manage and monitor all your trading activities, pending orders, trading account history, cash operations, overall balance, equity and your margin.

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How to show terminal in mt4

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