Hurst cycle indicator tradestation

Hurst cycle indicator tradestation

  cycle channel is loosely based on hursts nested channels. Basic idea is to identify and highlight the shorter cycles, in the context of higher degree cycles. This indicator plots the shorter term (red) & medium term (green) cycles as channels. Some things to note as you can see the red channel keeps moving with in the bounds of green channel.

The hurst coefficient was created by john ehlers (cycle analytics for traders pgs 67-68) and this is a very useful indicator to tell you if the stock is in a uptrend or downtrend. Feel free to change the length to experiment and to adjust to your needs. Buy when the indicator line is green and sell when it is red.

The ctrader hurst cycle indicator is a 50-year old secret that was created by an engineer called jm hurst in the 1970s, it helps determine price movement.

  these 2 indicators are derivative work from jim hursts book - the magic of stock transaction timing. The bands are bands around a median that gets calculated according to hursts formula. The outer bands (called extremebands) signify extreme overboughtoversold conditions.

Peter eliades name has been associated with stock market cycles for almost 50 years. This app, eliades cycle price projections, is the culmination of his half century of research and refinement of the jm hurst theory of market cycle price projections. Peters price projection refinements have proved to be an invaluable guide to him.

  the hurst indicator (2nd code posted by piotrek) compiles and works ok. The 1st function code is not needed for the 2nd indicator code. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

  hurst exponent indicator for mt4 great trading systems it may be interesting to derive results of this indicator based on how accurate it is. 5 to 1 (which indicates that whatever is happening now is likely to continue), what percentage of the time does the event following actually continue along that path.

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Hurst cycle indicator tradestation

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