Icon quik park loyalty card

Icon quik park loyalty card

What is the preferred customer club? The preferred customer club is an exclusive membership for our monthly customers which entitles them to park for 50 off the daily posted rates at over 325 icon and quik park garages in manhattan. How much does the card cost? There is no charge for the card.

50 off posted rates at participating facilities all the time. New monthly customers signing up directly through icon or quik park will automatically be enrolled in the preferred customer program and will receive 50 off all daily posted rates at 325 icon and quik park locations throughout manhattan and brooklyn.

Qwik park is conveniently located just seconds off of i-94 and a few short minutes away from the detroit metro airport. With more than 5000 safe and secure parking spaces, qwik park prides itself as being one of the major parking companies serving the detroit metro airport around the clock.

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Icon quik park loyalty card

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