Is psp more powerful than ps1

Is psp more powerful than ps1

  the psp is defeintely more powerful than the ps1, but not the ps2.

  the psp has 2x more fill rate and pushes 5x more polygons. On the other side, psp cpu is by default 222 (333 capable games are coming)fpuvfpu vs the dreamcast 200 mhz processorfpu.

  no one but a true ignoramous would seriously claim the psp is a ps2 in your pocket. It does look much better than ps1 games (imo), tho this is largely due to the small screen size, im sure the psp has nicer textures an smoother graphics than ps1. For example ridge racer has better reflections off the cars and realistic lense flare compared to ps1.

Psp? Almost ps2-level, and considerably more powerful than the 3ds. While dancer is usually a reasonable poster, it does not matter how much proof you show her or how many times you say that the 3ds is more powerful than the psp.

The games the ds has that look good, only look good because of low resolution.

That presumably is why amd use xp numbers rather than clock speed (eg. An athlon 2800 actually has a clock speed of just over 2ghz, not 2.).

  it had larger memory, and much better texturing capabilities than the psp does. The psp seems to borrow and build on some features of the ps1 and the ps2, both graphicallly.

As the ps1 uses a r3000a cpu and the psp uses a r4000, there is no need to do full emulation. Think of how fast parallels or vmware (virtualizers) is compared to dosbox or bochs (emulators).

  the trade-off was that the psp got much worse battery life than the ds, its games could take forever to load, and they often werent well-suited to portable play when they did.

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Is psp more powerful than ps1

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Is psp more powerful than ps1

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