Istanbullu gelin ipek bilgin

Istanbullu gelin ipek bilgin

  stanbullu gelin directed by zeynep günay tan starring özcan deniz asl enver pek bilgin country of origin turkey original language turkish no.

  fatma pek bilgin (born ) is a turkish actress, theatre director and translator.

Istanbullu gelin (tv series 20172019) - ipek bilgin as esma boran - imdb.

2h comedy, drama, romance tv series (20172019) episode guide. Süreyya, a young and beautiful singer, involves to the life of rooted boran family of bursa as a wife of the oldest son faruk and all the familys secrets begins to uncover.

Fatma ipek bilgin (born ) is a turkish actress, theatre director and translator. Aside from her career on stage, bilgin has appeared in various movies and tv series. She has worked for the ankara state theatre and first became noticed in 2000s wit her roles on television she is an actress, known for the magician (2006), karnaval (2013).

  ipek bilgin born march 24th, 1956 ipeks full name is fatma ipek bilgin and she was born in istanbul. At a young age, she has an interest in acting and the theatre, and she constantly tried to improve herself.

Pek bilgin age, height, weight, spouse, career, net worth, facts & more. In 2018, she plays the as esma boran character in istanbullu gelin.

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Istanbullu gelin ipek bilgin

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