Joe zhou ortus

Joe zhou ortus

From 1997 to 2001 he was head of research for quantitative financial strategies inc, and prior to that he was assistant professor of finance at washington university in st. Zhou started his career as a proprietary trader for lehman brothers.

Joe zhou is chief invsmt ofcrexecutive dir at ortus capital management ltd. See joe zhous compensation, career history, education, & memberships.

  rank 37 (tie)firm ortus capital management headquarters hong kong earnings 40 million zhou has built a currency-trading powerhouse. Zhou has two degrees from upenns wharton school, including.

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Zhou was a founding member of ortus, sits on the board of directors and chairs the investment committee. Zhou was the head of research at quantitative financial strategies, inc.

Zhou was the head of research at quantitative financial strategies, inc. Zhou started his career as a proprietary trader, first at lehman brothers, and then at bear stearns, where he traded a wide variety of futures and options contracts from 1993 to 1996.

Joe zhou ortus capital management ted chen about capital management gregory davidson windrose investment management stephen woodrow societe generale b r ia nqu tol , ch ef i v s ment officer at anahata capital, an asian macro portfolio within pilgrim partners in singapore. The three main asset classes w et r a dfx ,f ix ncom equities.

Joe zhou, cio of ortus capital management commented, we are delighted, and very proud that ortus currency fund has been recognized as an investors choice winner at this years awards. It is recognition for all of the hard work that everyone at ortus puts in every day and reaffirms our commitment to delivering superior risk adjusted returns for our clients and investors.

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Joe zhou ortus

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