Lumina bible app

Lumina bible app

The lumina mobile app lets you take and review your notes anywhere you go on your ios device. Greek, hebrew and english multiple languages and translations. Lumina lets you dig deep into the orginal languages with word studies, and strongs tagging.

  lumina allows you to experience the net bible with all of its notes for free and in a visually friendly and intuitive way. - read the new english translation (net) bible like the book that it is, by swiping through its pages without worrying about chapter boundaries.

With ilumina, you dont just read the bible, you live it! Ilumina gold premium is the premier, multimedia bible for your pc or mac. Navigate through this website to learn more about this amazing software that will make you experience the bible at a whole new level.

Lumina is a free english-language web and mobile app from bible. Org for bible study that helps you dig into gods word with a great search feature and greek and hebrew translations. Lumina uses 7 different bible translations, including the net bible, and has over 60,000 helpful footnotes.

Lumina allows you to experience the net bible with all of its notes for free and in a visually friendly and intuitive way. - read the new english translation (net) bible like the book that it is.

  the ilumina bible software has 6 main modules for you to explore the bible, the encyclopedia, the time travel, the media center, the my study center and the my lessons module.

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Lumina bible app

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Lumina bible app

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