Lyk card app

Lyk card app

Get more from your holiday money with lyk, the prepaid currency card. You get great exchange rates plus our handy travel money app to stay on top of all your spending. Lyk comes with built-in security too so your holiday money stays safe and secure.

Lyk is a social network with privacy and one of the first social networks, giving its users full power to control their online privacy. Now share your voice, photos, videos and opinions more freely.

  thomas cooks travel card range consisted of the lyk card, thomas cook multi-currency cash passport, thomas cook single currency cash passport and the co-operative travel cash passport. Though they were part of the thomas cook brand, the cards are provided by mastercard and issued by a company called wirecard.

Lyk uses proprietary technology that includes machine learning & artificial intelligence to match users daily who share similar interests and passions. It is the only social network to offer three unique levels of connection, allowing users to easily separate posts, calls, and chats based on the type of conversation and content they want to share at any given moment.

The lyk prepaid mastercard is another of those innovations, inspired by the simple idea that holiday money should be hassle-free. Every year, 19 million happy customers travel with thomas cook, so weve put all that holiday know-how into the perfect prepaid card.

  will my lyk card still work now thomas will my lyk card still work now thomas cook has gone bust.

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Lyk card app

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