Martingale ea code

Martingale ea code

  my experience with these kind of martingale systems is to enter on its lows or highs, but if you know how to predict this it doesnt matter what system you are using. Good luck to you! Hope i can learn something from this topic.

I wrote a piece of code to do what you ask, i hope this helps. There is not a expert adviser, is a code to add to yours experts.

  i really appreciate your hard work here and you had done a very good job ! For the martingale code, you can take 10point3 or multilotscalper as reference.

Hello traders, my coder made an ea for me, and i want to share with all of you.

  the martingale smart ea trades with 2 strategies , if we lose a trade then the ea will change strategy and take a new trade with a multipliedincreased lot size, this martingale ea can work with all pairs and all timeframes.

Opens positions at the indicator value specified in the settings.

  hi kind sir, can you kindly help me develop an ea base on this indicator (attached) with the additional features that can be enabled or disabled in the inputs tab of the ea.

  best rsi trading (ea) -2020 source-code download martingale - youtube. Best rsi trading (ea) -2020 source-code download martingale.

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Martingale ea code

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