Mealpal seattle restaurant list

Mealpal seattle restaurant list

Producing healthy meals, made from whole ingredients is a core value of our business.

  mealpal, the subscription service that provides members with affordable daily lunch options from hundreds of restaurants, today announced its second west coast market with its launch in seattle. Already widely used in the bay area and around the globe, mealpal customers in seattle will skip long lines and enjoy lunch for under 6 from popular restaurants like din tai fung, evergreens salad.

Enjoy everything from salads to poké, burgers and bowls for a price that cant be beat.

  mealpal gives you access to the best food near you, for just 5. From salads and sushi to spaghetti and sandwiches, choose and pick up delicious meals from hundreds of local restaurants with just a few taps.

  what is mealpal? Mealpal is a prepared meal subscription service to some of your favorite restaurants located right in your neighborhood! As of now, mealpal is offered in major cities such as new york city, los angeles, seattle, and even paris. They are expanding quickly so it might come to your city soon. Mealpal was created as a way to offer people prepared meals at a fraction of the cost.

  the deal they are offering me right now is 20 loop lunchesmonth for 3. I guess thats a promotion because i am a former customer, and the intro rate is actually 20 lunches for 5. Com bonus you can skip the line, if there is one, at any participating restaurant.

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Mealpal seattle restaurant list

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