Metal coat pokemon go gen 4

Metal coat pokemon go gen 4

Metal coat - evolution item a coating that can make certain species of pokémon evolve.

  the pokemon go metal coat is one of many pokemon go evolution items in the game, and with the quest about how to catch a meltan in pokemon go, players need to.

  the metal coat in pokemon go is yet another new evolution items that can be used in conjunction with pokemon candy to evolve some of the gen 1 pokemon to new gen.

Its a special metallic film that can boost the power of steel-type moves. Lets go, pikachu! Lets go, eevee! An item to be held by a pokémon. Its a special metallic film that can boost the power of steel-type moves.

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  how to find and use every pokemon go evolution item - kings rock, metal coat, sun stone, dragon scale, up-grade,.

  metal coat evolves onix into steelix, and scyther into scizor. Pokémon go restored the guaranteed evolution item for your 7-day streak spin. The item is determined at random, so theres no telling what youll get. With the addition of gen 4, new evolution methods have been introduced.

  in pokémon go, simply tap the evolve button with a metal coat in your inventory. Both scyther and onix will require 50 of their candies, respectively.

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Metal coat pokemon go gen 4

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