Movidius myriad 2 development board

Movidius myriad 2 development board

  movidius appears to have a much more complete development kit for the myriad 2 chip - the myriad development kit. Where can i get hold of this? Does it come with some other evaluation board? Can it be used for working witht the neural compute stick? For info, the movidiusmdkproductbrief.

Movidius has been active in the google project tango project. Movidius announced a planned acquisition by intel in september 2016. The companys myriad 2 chip is an always-on manycore vision processing unit that can function on power-constrained devices.

  how to purchase intel movidius myriad 2 vpu reference board showing in the httpswww.

Movidius has been acquired by intel, intel movidius myriad vpu 2 can be applied in different target with low power consumption, high performance of visual processing solutions, including neural network embedded depth, pose estimation, indoor navigation, 3 d depth induction, 3 d drawing (3 d scanning modeling), visual inertia ranging, and gestureseye tracking, based on the learning environment.

Movidius myriad 2 was designed with a very small footprint that can easily be integrated into existing products.

  movidius now an intel company is changing this with its myriad 2 vision processing unit (vpu), which delivers software programmable machine vision with an ultra low power budget. In this post we take a first look at the myriad vpu technology and associated sdk, and get hands-on via the neural compute stick (ncs) which enables low cost development and prototyping.

  the ai plus board incorporates an intel cyclone 10 gx fpga, which we also saw pop up last week on arduinos new mkr vidor 4000 board. As an alternative you can go with a vision plus board that includes three of intels movidius myriad 2 visual processing units (vpus) for deep learning processing.

Intel movidius vpus enable demanding computer vision and edge ai workloads with efficiency. By coupling highly parallel programmable compute with workload-specific hardware acceleration in a unique architecture that minimizes data movement, movidius vpus achieve a balance of power efficiency and compute performance.

  aaeon has announced the release of three edge computing boards powered by the intel movidius myriad x vpu, that is capable of processing speeds up to 105 fps and 1 tera operations per second (tops) as a dedicated neural network accelerator. The ai core x features a mpcie form factor the ai core xm 2280 features two myriad x vpus, thus providing up to 200 fps and 2 tops.

  megaai 4k ai camera board features movidius myriad x vpu (crowdfunding) megaai 4k ai camera board reminds me of kendryte k210 based boards such as maixduino used for computer vision for tasks such as object tracking or face recognition, but instead of just handling qvga at around 15 to 18 fps, megaai can supports inference at 4k resolution up to 30 fps.

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Movidius myriad 2 development board

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