Ordersend opening multiple pending orders mt4

Ordersend opening multiple pending orders mt4

Trade requests for opening and placing pending orders are formed using the function ordersend().

The main function used to open market or place a pending order.

  there are 4 types of pending orders with mt4 brokers buystop ordersend (symbol (), opbuystop, lot, askdistancepoint, 1, 0, 0, comment, magic, 0, clrnone) sellstop ordersend (symbol (), opsellstop, lot, bid-distancepoint, 1, 0, 0, comment, magic, 0, clrnone) buylimit.

On currencies, point ticksize, so you will get the same answer, but it wont work on metals.

  tag mt4 script open multiple pending orders posts tagged mt4 script open multiple pending orders. April 20, 2017 written by trader forex the following plugin stimulated just by some terrific scripts and equipment on ff which dealing better.

  it could also be written ordersend ( symbol (), opsellstop, startlot, bid - distance point, 3, bid - distance point sl point, bid - distance point -tp point, , magic, 0, red) as i promised at the beginning, we will try to make ea simple by using all the four pending.

Well then, i would have to work how many seconds is in 6 hours, something like this 60606 21600.

For example, if youd like a stoploss of 15 points, you need to subtract 15 from the open price (for an open price of 1.).

Ordersend() is a function in mql4 that allows you to submit orders from metatrader to your broker. When you create an expert advisor, in many cases, probably the majority, you want it to trade for you. We will see in this article how to submit an order using the mql4 language and the function ordersend().

Tag mt4 script open multiple pending orders posts tagged mt4 script open multiple pending orders. April 20, 2017 written by trader forex the following plugin stimulated just by some terrific scripts and equipment on ff which dealing better.

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Ordersend opening multiple pending orders mt4

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