Overboard amc theater

Overboard amc theater

Metro-goldwyn-mayer pictures (mgm) and pantelion films presents overboard, a fresh take on the iconic romantic comedy.

  overboard is actually a remake of a 1987 comedy which starred goldie hawn and kurt russell, directed by the legendary gary marshall.

Overboard is one such film hailing from 1987, a full 31 years ago, before the internet, cell phones and avocado toast. But with a little dusting off and updating, overboard manages to find its sea legs in 2018 by turning the old model on its head and exploring what life is like in todays world.

  overboard opens at amc theatres on april 20, 2018! Category entertainment show more show less. Autoplay when autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.

  after unjustly firing kate and refusing to pay her, leonardo falls overboard when partying too hard and wakes up on the coast with amnesia. Kate shows up at the hospital and, to get payback, convinces leonardo he is her husband and puts him to work.

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Overboard amc theater

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