Raid 6 8 drives

Raid 6 8 drives

Raid7 kooler good point, if you have a solution that supports r7 that could be a candidate as well. With only 8 drives that is on the low end for some of the higher level parity (aka erasure codeforward ecc) schemes ) zfs with raid z3.

I currently have six wd 8tb drives shucked from the cheap easystores in a raid 6 array. Its going to be a long while before i get close to filling this up. The 6 drives are in a dell r720xd 12-bay server so theres more vibration than your typical 8 bay synology for example.

  raid 6 will give the best disk redundancy, which is necessary with 8 huge disks. It also offer more usable capacity than raid 10 and in most cases better performance. No, create a single array, then decide afterward which parts will be accessible by whom.

  the drives are running off of a lsi megaraid sas 9361-8i card with an intel raid twenty-four port expander card (model res2sv240), with three 4-bay hot-swappable drive racks in a very large antec twelve hundred case. 5gb of usable space after formatting, with the 2 parity drives and 1 dedicated hot spare.

8 drives raid 6 or raid 7 or raid 10 9 drives raid 6 or raid 7. 11 drives raid 6 or raid 7 12 drives raid 6 or raid 7 or raid 10 or raid 6061.

As raid 6 contains two parity disks, so its restore operation takes longer time period than raid 5. The above diagram shows a raid 6 with 4 disks and parity block distributed along all the 4 disks.

  raid 6, also known as double-parity raid (redundant array of independent disks), is one of several raid schemes that work by placing data on multiple disks and allowing inputoutput ( io) operations to overlap in a balanced way, improving performance. Not all types of raid offer redundancy, although raid 6 does.

  d drive raid6, 8 drive (500gb, seagate, 32mb cache, sataii, total 3.).

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Raid 6 8 drives

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