Rocket league ps4 xbox party

Rocket league ps4 xbox party

  do you want to know how to create cross platform parties in rocket for you ps4, pc, xbox, ps5, or nintendo switch? You can easily make a party and invite you.

From the main menu, press r2 to bring up the rocket league friends menu and navigate to the notifications tab. Select your friends invitation accepting their invite will automatically include you in their party.

  rocket leagues cross-platform party system arrives february 19th. Players across ps4, xbox one, switch and pc can all team up as of next week.

  this video shows you how to play rocket league cross-platform between xbox one and ps4.

  showcasing how to create a cross-platform party on rocket league. Game rocket leaguecreator(s) psyonix, inclink httpsstore.

  once available, players will be able to form parties between pc and playstation 4, or pc, switch, and xbox one.

Rocket league is out now on ps4, xbox one, nintendo switch, and pc. Hey there! Were actively working on cross-platform party support for a 2018 release.

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Rocket league ps4 xbox party

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