Rurex group of companies

Rurex group of companies

Rurex is market leader in the manufacturing and commissioning of complete glass production lines for figured and profiled glass. For the container glass industry we are supplying worldwide our heat- and wear resistant spare parts, such as springs, dead plates, shear blades in many special designs, especially made for high-speed is- machines.

Rurex cast glass machines of the latest generation for solar-, wired- and patterned glass are developed for the high demands of ultrathin solar glass. Manufactured according to the needs of our clients they integrate itself seamless into the individual production processes grace to modern design, latest technique and solid construction.

Rondot group sheppee international limited are world leaders in hot end ware handling. Graphoidal developments ltd brings advanced lubrication and coating technology to the glass industry.

Rurex is amongst the leading manufacturers for low iron solar panel glass forming machines. New generation of rurex machines for 2 mm solarglass, pattern, wire and figured glass.

  rurex fabrication & trading co inc is an enterprise based in philippines. The enterprise currently operates in the repair and maintenance sector.

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Rurex group of companies

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