Sagic stable value

Sagic stable value

We have been offering stable value solutions since the mid-70s and currently manage than 55 billion in stable value product assets. Great-west investments comprises more than 99billion of assets as of march 31, 2021.

Sagic portfolio market value performance responded well to the environment. Performance of the core i and core ii portfolios, respectively, was 2. 37 while diversified i and diversified ii portfolios, respectively, returned 2.

We have been offering stable value solutions since the mid-70s and currently manage more than 55 billion in stable value product assets. Great-west investments comprises more than 99 billion of assets as of march 31, 2021.

The stable value team is supported by baringsseasoned fixed income team with more than 110 years of aggregate experience driven by a disciplined fundamental research process.

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As a mutual company we are uniquely positioned to serving the longterm interests of our stable value customers and policyholders.

Massmutual stable value core asset category stable value inception december 2020 total portfolio assets 1,594 million as of december 31, 2020 investors should consider an investments objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing.

Stable value is an investment vehicle offered by defined contribution plans and used by participants. Stability and steady growth in principal and earned interest. Returns similar to intermediate bond funds with the liquidity and certainty of money market funds.

The current funds reporting into stable value vision are shown below. If you dont see the fund you are looking for, please submit a request to productopsfi360.

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Sagic stable value

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