Skyrim lakeview manor additions

Skyrim lakeview manor additions

This mod adds enhancements to the interior of the three hearthfires build-able homes, lakeview, heljarchen and windstad, specifically, unique displays for all your loot. It also allows you to configure the main bedroom for up to 6 children in each house.

There is a companion mod, lakeview additions dlc, that adds the storage for the black books and elder scrolls, etc. Look for it here on steam! As with my shfbrebasement mod, i am much obliged to darkfox127 and his inspiring tutorials.

I have been playing skyrim on and off for about 2 years and just recently made my desktop more accessible to the home (not tucked away in the very back anymore) and really hit it hard this time.

  in skyrim, you can add an armory in any of your three homesteads.

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Skyrim lakeview manor additions

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