Tradeking maintenance fee

Tradeking maintenance fee

Tradeking does not charge account setup, maintenance, inactivity or annual fees for both ira and taxable brokerage accounts. Traders who are active during extended hours (after 400 pm est, when stock market is closed) will be disappointed with tradeking the brokers after hours trading time is 400 pm - 500 pm est, instead of 400 pm - 800 pm est time period common at most other firms.

  options trade base fee (and fee per contract) ally invest 0 (50 cents per contract) e-trade 9. 99 (75 cents per contract) broker-assisted trades ally invest 20 e-trade 25. Mutual funds available (and in-network commission) ally invest 11,968 (9.).

  ally invest was formerly tradeking, prior to ally bank purchasing it (in 2016) and re-launching it (in 2017). In summary, ally invest has a low fee trading structure, no maintenanceinactivity fees, and strong customer service with 247 support. You can trade stocks, bonds, funds, options and other equities through ally invest.

  tradeking charges the highest fee at 50, but this fee is only assessed when the account value dips below 2,500 and no trades were made in the preceding 12 months. Rowe price is the only brokerage that charges a maintenance fee (30) regardless of the value of your brokerage account.

Optionshouse prices their trades the same as tradekings, but they have no maintenance fees on accounts less than 10,000. Their per-contract fee for options trading is even slightly lower at 0. 50, which makes a difference to those looking to maximize savings.

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Tradeking maintenance fee

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