Tulip crisis poster

Tulip crisis poster

Tulip mania reached its peak during the winter of 163637, when some bulb contracts were reportedly changing hands ten times in a day. No deliveries were ever made to fulfill any of these contracts, because in february 1637, tulip bulb contract prices collapsed abruptly and the trade of tulips ground to a halt.

Own part of history! This is the greatest bubble story of all time.

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The dutch tulip bulb market bubble occurred in holland during the early 1600s when speculation drove the value of tulip bulbs to extremes.

  when tulips came to the netherlands, all the world went mad.

E very decade, theres at least one financial crisis somewhere in the world. When asked what a recess i on was, jamie dimon responded, something that happens every five to seven years. One of the many strange things about a crisis is that the country of origin (this time, china) is usually not the one that gets hit the hardest.

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Tulip crisis poster

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