Universal media server kodi alternative

Universal media server kodi alternative

Universal media server is a hassle-free media streaming platform that is also dlna compliant.

The next one on the kodi alternatives list is universal media player. With its web interface, it supports even the devices that are without dlna support. Along with basic features, universal media server also offers some amazing ones that make it one of the best kodi alternatives.

  any device that runs on java can run universal media center with ease. To make it work on operating systems like windows, you just need to install java separately.

Universal media server works in much the same way as kodi and plex. It is a media center that manages multiple media types, can stream to different devices, encodes media for universal play and efficient streaming and generally gets the job done with the minimum of fuss.

  usher kodi alternative for mac this is the ultimate movie and video assistant for all the mac users who are looking for a really good kodi alternative.

Universal media server is described as dlna-compliant upnp media server and is a well-known app in the video & movies category. There are more than 25 alternatives to universal media server for a variety of platforms, including mac, linux, windows, android and iphone.

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Universal media server kodi alternative

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Universal media server kodi alternative

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