What is an fnb fusion premier account

What is an fnb fusion premier account

Fnb fusion premier account is a single account which offers qualifying clients the best of both a transactional account and a credit card. The account is accessed via one card, and offers you one view of your finances.

Meet fusion, an fnb account option that allows you to use just one card for all your accounts.

With your qualifying fusion gold account (including an fnb fusion gold account for your spouse or partner), you could get up to 1 gb free data, 30 voice minutes and 30 sms allocations on your fnb connect sim each month.

  about fnb (first national bank) visit our website connect with fnb (first national bank) where we live 396 kent ave, randburg, gauteng, johannesburg, 2194.

  one card that links your credit facility with your transaction account. Some of the services that a client enjoys include a discount on your life partners monthly fee.

  fnb is launching the fusion premier account which combines your credit card and cheque account into one facility with one card.

  the fnb fusion premier account offers you the best value for money, combining a day-to-day bank account with a linked credit facility that offers you.

Access to an fnb fusion private wealth cheque account for your spouse or partner, where they can enjoy the same level of service and benefits as you regardless of their income.

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What is an fnb fusion premier account

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What is an fnb fusion premier account

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